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September is quickly approaching, and the air is starting to give me that familiar feeling that it does every year around this time. Children and college students alike are starting to head back to school, and although my university is one that begins in mid-September, I’m slowly starting to say goodbye to friends from home and hello to my junior year of college. Wow.

Although I’m intimidated and overwhelmed by the fact that I’m halfway done with my college years, I have to say there’s no feeling in the world like starting a new year in school. It has always felt like a fresh start to me. On the first day, I put on my best outfit and brightest smile as I look forward to seeing my friends and favorite professors once again. I’m also one of those girls that absolutely loves finding the perfect school stationery for my fall quarter classes. Thankfully, my summer internship has essentially handed me those items on a silver platter, and I want to share them with my readers and viewers, too!

Below are the items I’ll be giving away this time! I picked them out myself because they are some of my favorites from Compendium, and I think they all serve a specific purpose when going back to the books. Give the photos a gander, and scroll to the bottom of this post for all the giveaway rules and regulations! Thanks again to the very wonderful Compendium for giving me free reign on these giveaways. If you do not win one of these back to school packages, check out the links below each image to purchase the products yourself. Use coupon code backtoschool30 at check out to receive a 30% discount on any and all Compendium products at

Photo Aug 05, 1 47 29 PM Photo Aug 05, 1 48 26 PM Photo Aug 05, 1 49 35 PM

Write Now Journals are perfect for lecture note-taking, journaling, or creating a keepsake photo journal of all your precious memories throughout the school year! These are the two I chose, because a) reading, duh! and b) especially for all those university students pulling all nighters, the coffee journal says it all! Click here to check out all the different Write Now Journals!

Photo Aug 05, 2 35 50 PM Photo Aug 05, 2 36 47 PM

Compendium’s Motto Journals can serve a similar purpose to the Write Now Journals, or you can make them something entirely special! I personally use my motto journal as a place to keep all my thoughts and gratitude lists throughout each day. It’s the perfect space to create a positive mindset each morning before heading to class or work, and the inspirational messages on each cover are the perfect reminders for what’s truly important in this life. Click here to check out all the different Motto Journals!

Photo Aug 05, 2 45 19 PM Photo Aug 05, 2 46 51 PM

If you have been following me for a while, then I’m sure you can guess that of course this is in my top 3 favorite Compendium products EVER! It’s a Year of Gratitude kit that is designed to help you spread the love, and recognize the many blessings that encompass your life! This is the first product I bought when I started interning, and I absolutely had to include it in this giveaway. The school year can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, and we all forget to recognize how much we have to be grateful for when we’re slammed with tests and papers. This is the perfect kit to start right as classes begin, and to vow to continue throughout the entirety of the year. I promise you will see your life dramatically shift before your eyes if you make gratitude a daily habit. Check out the Year of Gratitude kit here!

Photo Aug 05, 3 08 50 PM Photo Aug 05, 3 11 22 PMPhoto Aug 05, 3 12 25 PM

Photo Aug 05, 3 14 50 PM

Thoughtfulls were Compendium’s first-ever product, and they’re at the heart and soul of all that this company stands for. These are the perfect little pop-open cards to pay it forward with. Give them to family and friends to let them know you appreciate them, or leave them around campus to brighten a stranger’s day! You can write a little note on the back, or let the words on the inside do all the talking. Check out all the different Thoughtfulls here!

Photo Aug 05, 3 20 52 PM

On Words are bright, bold, and full of life. You can hang these around your apartment or dorm room, or you can tie them to a bottle of wine or birthday gift for a friend or special someone! I have a bunch of these hanging in my kitchen, and they always make me smile as I (attempt to) cook. Check out all the different On Words here!

Totems 3

Last but certainly not least, the Totems Card Deck is the perfect way to start any day! I pick a new one at random each day, and somehow the words always seem to fit perfectly into what I’m feeling and experiencing in that moment. Plant this deck on your study station, and pull a new one every day (or during midterms, every hour)! Stay motivated during those hard days, or just get a boost of energy on the days when you’re feeling up! Totems are powerful, and they will remind you to live a life that you’re proud of… One of authenticity, joy, and peace. Check out the Totems Card Deck here!

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