Twenty One Reflections.


I can legally enter most of the venues within walking distance of my apartment today. Because I am legal! The big 2-1. Able to freely enter the many concerts, bars, and 21+ events that I’m constantly surrounded by in this urban life.

To celebrate my 21 years on this planet, I’m going out to dinner tonight with my family and a few friends. Tomorrow, I’m having my first birthday party in nearly 10 years. Saturday, the 21 run commences! It’s going to be a wild weekend to say the last, so I decided that now is the time to do some thoughtful reflecting before chaos ensues.

I wrote a list of 21 things I’ve learned in my lifetime. I’m a big fan of lists (and schedules, planners, general type A bullshit). So here are some things I’ve learned so far. I stand by my beliefs and exclamations below, but just a disclaimer: the one thing I do know for sure is that I don’t know anything for sure.

  1. Time is my absolute most valuable asset.
  2. Especially in my early twenties, establishing friendships is far more important than dating.
  3. Sadness is just as important and necessary for growth (if not more so) than happiness.
  4. Parents are people, too: fallible, full of insecurities and flaws, and doing their best to make peace with themselves.
  5. The two most important relationships in my life are my relationship with myself, and my relationship with the Infinite.
  6. Being alone isn’t the same as being lonely.
  7. J.K. Rowling is a genius. (Which is why my 21st birthday part is Harry Potter themed hehe)
  8. The Universe has my back and it works in mysterious ways.
  9. If I sincerely want a relationship to work out, taking time to allow it to grow naturally and authentically gives it the best chance possible to do so.
  10. It’s so vital to call parents, guardians, and those I care about regularly and remind them how valuable they are to me.
  11. Taking time for myself is of utmost importance so that I can learn how to set my own boundaries and learn how to be alone and content.
  12. Doing drugs just simply isn’t worth the risk.
  13. Sharing my story openly and authentically is one of the best ways to build community within myself and with others.
  14. There is immense beauty in vulnerability.
  15. Pride should never get in the way of prayer.
  16. I am Enough.
  17. Owning up to mistakes and living unapologetically in my own skin can work in tandem together.
  18. Not everyone deserves to receive my affection and attention.
  19. The best way to attract good friends is to be one.
  20. I will not go one day without telling somebody I love them.
  21. I will not go one day without telling myself that, too.

So these are the 21 reflections that I know to be true and authentic to my story and my experience thus far. What are some important lessons you’ve learned so far in your lifetime? Reflect and meditate on that. Write them down. Look at them in years to come. You’ll be surprised at how great you are at giving advice, and perhaps the words you write down today will be the very ones you need to read 5, 10, 15 years from now.

And with that, I’m signing off. Cheers to being alive! Cheers to being of age!


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