Hi! My name is Alita, or more fancily, Alita Joy. And this is my blog.

I am one of the early members of the BookTube community, and my channel name was originally coined “abookaffair” back in 2012. I started video blogging about my love for books in June of that year on YouTube, and since then I have gained over 30,000 subscribers, and thousands of Twitter and Instagram followers.

Reviewing books started as way to connect with fellow avid readers, but now, it has done so much more than I ever expected. It launched me in an entirely different direction in life than I thought possible, and I am eternally grateful for the community I’ve built and gotten to be a part of.

Currently in my senior year of college, I’m attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities with an emphasis in Communications and Creative Writing. My sole purpose for this website and blog is to share my stories, and build a community of compassion, curiosity, and kindness.

This website is not only the center gravity for what the book lover “abookaffair” is up to, but now expands far beyond books. I share not only my love for reading, but my love for writing, blogging, music, photography, and storytelling. In fewer words, my love for life.

Anywho! Welcome to my blog. I hope you choose to stay a while. And if you’re curious to see where it all began, visit: www.youtube.com/abookaffair.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou