Hooray! Today another video review went up on YouTube for The Whispers of the Fallen by J.D. Netto. In addition to reviewing the book, I am also hosting a giveaway to all my viewers – both within the U.S. and abroad! Make sure to participate in the giveaway by November 4th, 2014 for a chance to win your own copy of The Whispers of the Fallen.

Now, in addition to posting my video review of this novel, I also want to write out my thoughts. I often prefer reading written reviews over videos. I also like the written reviews to be SPOILER FREE, quick, and to the point. I just want to know… Should I spend my time reading this book? I hope I can help you answer that question today.

My rating for this novel was 3.5/5 stars. I liked this book. I really did. But it didn’t “Wow!” me. I was satisfied and intrigued, but I wasn’t completely enraptured in it. It definitely served its purpose as a pre-Halloween read though!

Essentially this book follows two best friends on an epic adventure trying to save their world. Sounds cliche, but it really is unique in its details. There are demons and angels and tons of creepy creatures in between. There are secrets and lies and plot twists all along the way. It’s definitely an entertaining read, and the world sucks you in.

I enjoyed the characters overall, however they were all pretty one dimensional. A character was either good or evil. There wasn’t much in-between, which made them somewhat unbelievable. Isaac, the main protagonist, was so damn logical that sometimes I didn’t believe he was a person at all. I think the author was trying to capture the maturity Isaac has in terms of making good choices in the midst of chaos, however sometimes it was just too much for me. I just kept thinking “shit, I would’ve had an emotional breakdown beginning on page one.”

The world-building and plot were the best parts of this book! Like I mentioned, the plot was very unique and had a lot of depth to it. J.D. Netto spent years and years developing this world, so it makes sense that it’s so intricate.

Although I appreciated the intricacy, I found it wasn’t delivered as well as it could’ve been. The writing style was a little immature for me, and I think that mostly has to do with its intended audience. Although this book is officially in the Young Adult genre, I would make the argument that it’s more geared toward middle-grade readers.

If I was reading this at age 13, I would’ve absolutely given it 5/5 stars. But I didn’t read it at age 13. I read it at age 20, and I enjoyed it and want to continue with the series out of curiosity, but I believe there are undoubtably better fantasy stories out there.

I would say give this book a go if you’re just getting into high fantasy and want to test the waters, or you’re in between ages 10-16 and enjoy a good adventure story with some creepy creatures around every corner!