A few weeks ago, I packed up my bathing suit and camera, and got on a plane to Los Angeles. I’ve had this bestfriend since I was 6 years old, Jackie, and she has been living there the past three months as an intern for a music management company. She’s a sister to me, and so when she set off to live in sunny California for the summer, I knew I had to go visit and soak up some rays. I had a hoot and a half during my week stay, and you better believe I took some pictures. Here they are, completely random and unedited.

IMG_1325 IMG_1344 IMG_1350 IMG_1393 IMG_1442 IMG_1497

IMG_1500 IMG_1527 IMG_1531 IMG_1544 IMG_1584 IMG_1648 IMG_1662 IMG_1702 IMG_1821 IMG_1913