A couple weeks ago I went hiking with my friend Jorge. It was a random Tuesday and we both had work off, so we started researching some day hikes we could do in our area. After sending links back and forth to each other, we settled on hiking Silver Peak just past Snoqualmie Pass. Despite what he’ll acknowledge, Jorge is a really talented photographer. He picked it up only a year ago, but he’s got an incredible eye. And I’m the lucky duck that he’s been showing the ropes to lately. We both planned on bringing our cameras on the hiking trip, but of course I’m that newbie that forgot a memory card. I happened to remember two fully charged batteries… but not a single memory card. So although I didn’t get to photograph our day trip, these are some of the moments he captured. A big thanks to Jorge for allowing me to show his work on my blog! Click here to check out some of his work on Instagram.Processed with VSCOcam with a9 presetDSC_0050

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A few weeks ago, I packed up my bathing suit and camera, and got on a plane to Los Angeles. I’ve had this bestfriend since I was 6 years old, Jackie, and she has been living there the past three months as an intern for a music management company. She’s a sister to me, and so when she set off to live in sunny California for the summer, I knew I had to go visit and soak up some rays. I had a hoot and a half during my week stay, and you better believe I took some pictures. Here they are, completely random and unedited.

IMG_1325 IMG_1344 IMG_1350 IMG_1393 IMG_1442 IMG_1497

IMG_1500 IMG_1527 IMG_1531 IMG_1544 IMG_1584 IMG_1648 IMG_1662 IMG_1702 IMG_1821 IMG_1913

On a whim, my vivacious and lovely blue-haired friend Lindsey and I wandered down to Pike Place Market, one of Seattle’s quintessential tourist spots. It deserves the hype, though. It’s full of spirit (and people…and flowers…and food). I took my camera along, and snapped a few shots of our day excursion. Enjoy 🙂

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I admire photographers and I’ve always wanted to get better at taking pictures myself. I have a really beautiful camera for my YouTube videos, so why not put it to use in its entirety? So this summer I’ve set a goal for myself: take more photos and don’t be ashamed of how shitty they may or may not turn out. Another goal of mine this summer is to enjoy my beautiful home and all it has to offer by taking a good number of hiking and camping trips. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and there’s nothing quite like it here. Put those two goals together, and you’ve got a plethora of nature-y pictures popping up on my Instagram. Now they’re trickling onto my blog, too! This is the first photo journal I’ll be doing, and let’s hope I can stick to it and it won’t be the last. These are photos I took while visiting one of my closest friends of nearly 16 years in Bellingham, Washington (thanks Megs for being my model). I apologize in advance for how amateur these photos may be, but nevertheless the scenery is beautiful. Enjoy.

The Boardwalk

IMG_0667 IMG_0684 IMG_0669 IMG_0729 IMG_0744 IMG_0773

Teddy Bear Cove

 2015-07-10 00.50.40-2 2015-07-10 00.45.04 2015-07-10 00.38.24 2015-07-10 00.42.13 2015-07-10 00.50.08-2 2015-07-10 00.37.55 2015-07-10 00.48.38-2 2015-07-10 01.05.58-1

Village Books

2015-07-10 02.59.43-1 2015-07-10 03.00.30 2015-07-10 03.01.37 2015-07-10 03.22.08 2015-07-10 03.02.24 2015-07-10 03.15.27-1 2015-07-10 03.18.30 2015-07-10 03.32.27